FA Discipline Documents

a.       FA Handbook 2014/15 Season
The new version of the FA Handbook for 2014/15 Season is now available from the following link:
Link direct to FA Rules (incl handbook and broken down into section
Direct link to FA handbook
b.      Discipline Handbook 2014/15 Season
The Discipline Handbook is an online resource that can be printed off and contains on its own in a printed form valuable information.  The online version contains within in various documents and videos that Clubs and Leagues will find useful and can accessed from the following link:
c.       Misconduct Reports – Practical Guide to Match Officials
This guide is a useful guide to Match Officials on Misconduct Report writing.  Whilst it is aimed at match officials there is no reason why it cannot receive the wider publication in the interest of transparency.
This can be accessed from the following link:
d.      Sanction Guidelines Document 2014/15 Season
Whilst this document is also part of the Discipline Handbook, it was felt useful to attach this full copy